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Oh and sorry, I should have noted I don't have an invite yet. Looks like they are slowing things down right now after some issues. Invites are given out 1 every two weeks per user at the moment.

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in case you're there already - hit me up (handle might change soon)

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I wonder how Bluesky is going to change the social space. Could be the first to get serious traction after Mastodon and will most likely move much faster in terms of features. Also way lower entry barriers. Exciting.

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Apples Weg zum "geschlossenen Kreislauf": Fortschritte bei recycelten Metallen

Wichtige Metalle für Apple-Hardware sollen bis 2025 aus Recycling stammen, darunter das oft unter problematischen Bedingungen für Batterien abgebaute Kobalt.

#Apple #Nachhaltigkeit #Recycling #Umweltschutz #news

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Elon made me angry so I developed a free "For You" Feed for Mastodon. It uses a very simple customizable algorithm that includes your feed but also top posts from multiple other instances. It favours accounts that were reblogged multiple times in your feed, or accounts you interacted with in the past.

Its still in early development, but if you are aware of the risks of trying out late night software you can try it here:

Also the code is here:

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I wrote my first summary of @[email protected] on #Mastodon almost two months ago: Time for an update.

One thing in advance, even if it has become noticeably quieter here in the
#Fediverse, the numbers remain pretty stable: Visits via Mastodon are still slightly below that via #Twitter, but as a reminder, I can only compare visits generated via our accounts on #Mastodon with all visits over #Twitter. So the actual numbers are even closer together. (@[email protected] on Twitter has 246.000 Followers, on Mastodon it's 45.500)

On the first graph I have summed up the weekly entries via Mastodon vs. Twitter since the
#Mastodon account went live at the beginning of November. The steady growth is partly due to the fact that only articles shared both on Mastodon and Twitter are included, and their number has increased. Overall, more visits come via Mastodon than via #Bing or #Xing.

The engagement (
#boosts plus #likes, no #comments) with posts of @[email protected] stagnates, but remains significantly above that on Twitter. I find only four posts from heise-accounts on Twitter in this time that have been shared at least 50 times, on Mastodon it's a whole 125 (!). At the same time, nothing really goes #viral on #Mastodon, the upward swings of visits are significantly higher on Twitter.

A new initiative that shows noticeable effects is
#Verpasstodon (something like "missed-o-don"): Under this hashtag @[email protected] re-shares on weekends the most clicked articles of the past week. And they get klicked noticeably again.
There is no criticism directed at the practice, the hashtag can be muted without missing anything else.

Despite such ideas, 89% of the visits via
#Mastodon come on the first two days vs. 81% over Twitter.

A few more numbers: In total,
@[email protected] has more than 122,000 interactions (#Boosts and #Likes, overview in the second image "Interaktionen"), per article that's an average of more than 26. About 4700 articles were shared, more than 500 of them have more than 50 interactions. More than 1000 each:

Follower numbers of
@[email protected] grow very slowly, but the speed has increased since the Twitter account has a link to the Mastodon-account. @[email protected] is now the largest German-language media-account, slightly in front of @[email protected].
In the USA, there is a larger one with
@[email protected], but a few regional media are particularly active (#Newstodon).

The third picture shows visits via Mastodon and Twitter over the last 80 days.

Hope this is interesting for english-speaking accounts, too:
@[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected]

Es ist wirklich nervig wie viele das Thema "Community" völlig aufgeben, in dem sie es nach Discord verlagern. Da ist weder strukturierte Kommunikation möglich noch hat man damit eigene Inhalte. Wieder einmal siegen Einfachheit und Niederschwelligkeit.

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Cartoon by Trevor Spaulding

“Before I can sell you an electric car, I’m required to disclose the fact that everyone will ask you how many miles it gets before you have to recharge it.”

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🤯 Rasenfunk goes Frauen-WM! Wir schicken @abecker nach Australien, finanziert von euch. Was wir planen und wie ihr das alles möglich machen könnt, erzählen Annika, @helmi & @GNetzer hier:

Bitte hören. Bitte teilen. Bitte supporten.



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The @rasenfunk goes Australia zur #WM2023! 🥳

Ich freue mich riesig und möchte euch natürlich tolle Berichte und Eindrücke von vor Ort liefern.

Wie ihr das unterstützen könnt, hört ihr im Kurzpass mit @GNetzer , @helmi und mir ⬇️

#Rasenfunk #Fußball

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BOSS: I need you to put these coupon stickers on all the Pick Me Up boxes

EMPLOYEE: Do you care where we place those stickers?

BOSS: Yeah, *on the box*. Don’t make me repeat myself. Idiots.

Is someone interested in trying Multi messenger (Paid subscription). I got an invite for it.

it's currently macOS only with iOS coming.

Alter Schwede ist das gut. Faszinierend wie perfekt er stimme und Tonlage hinbekommst.

Can't agree more. It's not about ChatGPT, it's about the fact that it might just be the Napster of the 2020s.

I'm quite happy not to be in the situation to start my college right now or be in the middle of finishing it.

Where do those current outages of Discord, LoL, Blizzard, EA, Tarkov, WoW, etc. come from? All just Deutsche Telekom issues?

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The sight lines of a Silverado, F250, Ram, and 2500 are all worse than an M1 Abrams Tank.


Credit: @[email protected]

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Aktuell werden landesweit #Schöffen gesucht. Und es gibt Hinweise darauf, dass AFD-nahe Menschen systematisch versuchen, sich in dieses wichtige Ehrenamt zu drängen. Deswegen ist wichtig, dass sich möglichst viele Demokraten bewerben. Mehr Infos gibt es hier.

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Upgrade to #Mastodon :mastodon: 4.1.0 done ✅

#MastoAdmin Have you upgraded yet?


It seems it all went good. Going to try the new CLI commands for purging headers :blobcataww:

"RAILS_ENV=production /home/mastodon/live/bin/tootctl media remove --remove-headers"

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